Week Nine at the R9 Accelerator… a hackathon from MiBiz, photoshoots with Ashley, and lots of meetings… #AcceleratorLife

Lab Tech Life

All of the HitSquad were also invited to a presentation from MiBiz on the Tuesday. They had spent Sunday and Monday doing their own personal ‘hackathon’ to see how much further they could crack into their problem area in a shorter sprint-time.
MiBiz made great progress on putting together a brief slide-deck, and reaching more of their audience, with a clearer action plan and goals to reach by the end of the week. I think we were all really pleased to see their progress, and also their initiative for taking this time to set themselves goals and achieve them.

Early in the week, I was also back working alongside Kelly, to review the Employer Accreditation map we’d been collaborating with Traject on. Honestly, this was a really easy section, as Steffan, who was putting it together, has an absolute fountain of knowledge from working at Immigration NZ that he had condensed into sections…
For us, it was just reviewing to make sure that the information was as concise as possible, and easily digestible.

Later in the week, I got a lot busier…
With us now being just under a month away from Demo Day, I have been sitting in on a lot of meetings around it, and the materials that need to be produced for it…

In preparation for the Demo Day materials, we’ve been setting up photoshoots this week.
In part, this is so that we have updated photos of all the teams, and also as an opportunity for the teams to dress up how they want to be seen in those materials.

One of the perks, was that I went along to see the venue, the Embassy Theatre in Wellington CBD.
We met the AV company Streamliner down there, to discuss the options available for the R9 Accelerator Demo Day (as well as the Lightning Lab XX Demo Day). Mike from Streamliner also ran through the potential set up within the venue, and the assets that he and his team would require from us in advance, or that we could set up and provide directly.

Later that same day, I headed across to the Strategy studio. Strategy are a local Wellington design and advertising studio, who will be producing this year’s Demo Day booklet. So we were meeting so that I could make sure all of the elements necessary would be available to them in time (and make a note of any extra elements that might need produced).

  • r9-mibiz-hackathonpresentation

  • kelceybraine-r9-traject-employeraccreditation

  • kelceybraine-r9-venue-01

  • kelceybraine-r9-venue-sketch-01

  • kelceybraine-r9-venue-sketch-02

  • kelceybraine-r9-venue-sketch-02

  • kelceybraine-r9-teamphotoshoots-withashley

  • ashleychurch-r9-teamphotos

MiBiz hackathon presentation
Traject’s work with Immigration NZ – Employer Accreditation map
Walkthrough at the Embassy Theatre… and my quick sketches of set-up
Team photo-shoots, again – thanks and full credit to Ashley Church at Creative HQ (and see more of her work here)

How to Pitch – with Laura

Laura Reitel, the Programme Manager at Lightning Lab XX, held the second ‘How to Pitch’ session over at the XX space.
This session looked at some previous programmes’ pitches, and focused on key elements like what is happening on-screen vs. being said, and how these relate. Mainly there were just some great tips to come out of it…

  • kelceybraine-pitchtips-01

  • kelceybraine-pitchtips-02

  • kelceybraine-pitchtips-03

  • kelceybraine-pitchtips-04

  • kelceybraine-pitchtips-05

  • kelceybraine-pitchtips-06

Pictures: Top tips I noted from Laura’s session