Week Seven at the R9 Accelerator… Events, events, events… MiBiz MeetUp, LL XX vs R9: Round 2 and 7×7 #AcceleratorLife

Lab Tech Life

The HitSquad were in good spirits, as we welcomed back Lingy! (with camo-cast and crutches)

Midweek, one of the teams – MiBiz – hosted  a MeetUp event.
MiBiz are working on making it easier for new New Zealanders to start a successful business. You can read more about their work here.
Their MeetUp event “Business Owners from Overseas – Wellington” is so that they can reach and interact with more of their target audience. It’s a great opportunity for local migrant business owners to also meet each other, and find out from others experiences when starting a business in New Zealand.
The event was a success, with some great conversations started, and will be running again on May 10th.

Picture – MiBiz MeetUp event

R9 vs Lightning Lab XX: Round 2

This was the second (official) crossover event between the two accelerators, held this time over at the XX space.

As the previous event had given the teams an opportunity to meet, and find out how they were all doing within the programmes, we made this one a little less intimidating…
If any teams wanted to pitch they could… unsurprisingly no one took us up on that.

So instead, the cohorts were mixed and teams formed to play ‘Pitch Suicide’…
The idea of the game is that any or all members of the team will pitch… sounds simple right? The catch is, they have to pitch a presentation that they’ve never seen before!

Check out some of the slides (good finds from Kelly) they were faced with below… 

  • pitchsuicide-puppies-01

  • pitchsuicide-puppies-02

  • pitchsuicide-puppies-03

  • pitchsuicide-supplyhog-01

  • pitchsuicide-supplyhog-02

  • pitchsuicide-supplyhog-03

  • pitchsuicide-sushi-01

  • pitchsuicide-sushi-02

  • pitchsuicide-sushi-03

All of the teams did brilliantly – and there were a lot of slick hand-offs as members struggled to keep straight faces!

R9 at 7×7

7×7 is a forum held in Wellington.

The concept is to have 7 speakers, each presenting for 7 minutes on whatever subject they want to concentrate on.

R9 was represented at this event by Connor (presenting) and his cofounder Ashlyn from Traject.
It was another opportunity for Traject to show off their pitching skills, but by tying their work through R9.

  • 7x7-01

  • kelceybraine-7x7-traject-01

  • kelceybraine-7x7-traject-02

  • kelceybraine-7x7-traject-03

  • kelceybraine-7x7-traject-04

Traject’s new business cards – Growing the knowledge economy, as well as growing some awesome flowers, with these seed-paper cards!
The work I do, translating ‘client’ briefs into workable designs – some of the infographics created for the 7×7 presentation from Traject