Week Twelve at the R9 Accelerator… #single-figure Days to Go! Countdown is on – all hands on deck!!! #AcceleratorLife

Lab Tech Life

This week again, I tried to catch up with the teams as much as possible to help shape their decks…
All of the teams were also having meetings with their ‘owners’ i.e. the people who had suggested the opportunities they have been working on.

One of last year’s alumni, John from Nexus Marketplace, came in to talk to the teams about the potential of how his product could help their solutions plug in to government. John has been working on API’s (application programming interfaces) – which means he knows how a lot of the teams’ solutions could integrate with existing softwares.

In our cohort-wide pitching session early in the week, we switched it up a bit.

This time, it was in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ format, so there were a combination of public and private sector experts, some CE’s in their own right, who sat and listened to the pitches, before asking the probing questions…

Personally, I think this worked really well for the teams. Teams got (a bit more) used to answering questions about their solution, as they will have to do on Demo Day. It also means that – for this session at least – they have a little bit of time to take on board the comments and amend their pitches and presentations… for my Friday-deadline!

After a gruelling (3-hour) meeting later in the week, we had sign-off for (most) of our Demo Day materials… so then I spent a fair amount of time this week co-ordinating down at the printers!

At the end of the week, I ran through the set-up for all of our slides in the ‘MASTER’ deck with Mike from Streamliner. This was so they could take them all and get set up on their equipment. All of this in preparation to do a full run through, with the teams and audio, on the morning of Demo Day.

  • kelceybraine-nexusapis

  • kelceybraine-r9-printing-02

  • kelceybraine-r9-printing-01

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Last year’s alumnus, John from Nexus Marketplace, came in to talk to the teams about APIs
Sign-off received, so off to the printers I go…

Embassy Walkthrough

This was a first chance for the teams to see where they would be pitching, as we took a cohort-wide field-trip down to the Embassy Theatre in Wellington.

Anyone not from Wellington may also know the name, because it happens to be the theatre that all of the premieres for Lord of the Rings were held at!

  • kelceybraine-r9-embassytour-01

  • kelceybraine-r9-embassytour-02

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Tour of Embassy theatre – Outside, what will be a networking area, the view for the speakers, and the stage

Final Cohort meeting

As it was the last Friday before the final pitches, we had our final cohort meeting :’o(
The final cohort meeting celebrated the achievements of the teams so far, and served as a time for encouragement and advice… This included the now renowned guidance from Shawn:

“We love you… but don’t f*** it up”

Then in the afternoon, all teams were challenged to have their full 5-minute pitch presentation, with slides down to a T.
This was also an opportunity for the teams’ chosen introducer to come into the space, introduce the team as they will on Demo Day, and listen to them pitch.

  • ashleychurch-r9-cohort

  • kelceybraine-r9-shawnquote

Final cohort meeting, so opportunity for a full R9 cohort photo, thanks and full credit to Ashley Church at Creative HQ (and see more of her work here)
Wise words for the teams from Shawn…