Week Ten at the R9 Accelerator… rebrand for Quicker Kiwis, presentations from all teams, a Minister visit and Demo Day prep… #AcceleratorLife

Lab Tech Life

Early in the week, I worked on the rebranding for Quicker Kiwis team.
Quicker Kiwis is looking at improving the airport experience, focusing on frequent flyers and the arrivals/Customs processes.

Throughout, I was involved in more Demo Day prep, so more meetings, co-ordinating materials with the external agencies as well as putting together templates for some of the event materials.

Midweek, MiBiz hosted their second MeetUp event “Business Owners from Overseas – Wellington”.
This time, the team started with all of the attendees having a chance to voice the problems and successes they have run into while establishing businesses around Wellington. There were some great conversations started around networking events, techniques as well as finding new business opportunities and service providers.
Towards the end of the session, MiBiz took the group through their MVP (Minimal Viable Product) with a short demo – and before the evening was out, they signed up around a dozen new members!

Between all of this, there were inevitably more pitches going on… with another Meet and Experience event and visitors from government agencies, as well as teams doing short pitches to Minister Wagner!

The response was really great from both of these events, which bodes well for Demo Day in a few weeks!

  • kelceybraine-r9-quickerkiwis-01

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  • kelceybraine-r9-mibiz-meetup2-01

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Quicker Kiwis rebrand work
MiBiz MeetUp event #2
Demo Day prep!
Minister Wagner visits the cohort

Cohort-wide pitch practices

At the end of the week, from this point forwards, all of the teams will be pitching twice a week, trying to solidify their 5-minute pitches. At each of these afternoon events, the teams will pitch with slides.

It’s a great opportunity for teams to see where each other are at; and also for other members of the cohort to give feedback on any elements they believe should be added, expanded on or cut.

This being the first of the cohort-wide pitching sessions, most teams pitched with the most basic of slides and were allowed notes for their spoken element. In future though, the teams will be encouraged to switch to prompts only, and then no notes completely – all the while, the presentation decks starting to take shape.

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  • kelceybraine-r9-cohortwidepitches-01

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  • kelceybraine-r9-cohortwidepitches-04

Pictures – Several of the teams pitching to each other