It’s here – R9 Accelerator DEMO DAY!!! 14 weeks, 10 teams, countless guests and speakers… Game faces people! #AcceleratorLife

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I don’t want to ruin the illusion, but there were definitely times on DD that it felt like we were an iceberg. i.e. over 70% of what we were doing was unseen, and all of the guests just saw the polished piece floating above the water…

I think that’s how events are meant to be though!

I spent the morning co-ordinating the print elements, including helping (hold the ladder) while the 8 metre banner was put up outside the venue!

My job on Demo Day had changed earlier in the week… Initially I had been on presentation-duty, where I would be responsible for changing the slides behind the interim speakers, while one team member would be responsible for their team slides. Streamliner, the AV company, was comfortable doing this element though (and meant they were always overseeing their tech still – bonus).

So for me, I was on mic’ duty! New skill acquired! As the pitcher for each team came off the stage, I removed their country-man microphone and handed it to a runner to take to the tech backstage, who was mic’ing people up.


We had the awesome Anna Guenther, Chief Bubble-blower at PledgeMe (who spoke with the teams a few weeks before) running the show as our MC. And I think that thanks to her prompts at the beginning of the event, along with a great show from the teams, #R9Accelerator managed to trend #1 on Twitter in New Zealand!!!

The auditorium was filled with around 300 guests to hear the seven teams pitch. With members from both the public and private sectors, the pressure was on – especially with some of our esteemed guests taking to the stage, such as Minister…

All of the teams did an amazing job, and it was a real testament to the hard work they’ve put in over the past 14 weeks!

Check out the post-event video with ringing endorsements below.

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  • kelceybraine-r9-demoday-03

Anna Guenther, doing an awesome job as MC
Minister Craig Foss addressing the attendees
Grand finale for a full R9 cohort photo!

And if you want to check out how the teams did for yourselves, I’ve created a subsection for each team below.



Giving every small business an expert network
Presented by (future NZ Prime Minister*) Andrew
*long-standing HitSquad joke…



Giving exporters someone to talk to
Presented by Chris



The ultimate visa guide in your pocket
Presented by Pengfei



Spend time with people, instead of paperwork
Presented by Nic*

*giving Andrew a run for his money on future PM candidacy…



Growing the knowledge economy
Presented by Connor


Co centric

Next generation business intelligence for the construction sector
Presented by Tui


And last but not least, closing the show…


Automating authority to act
Presented by Mike