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For self-employed from self-employed, Hnry started to make working as an individual simple and accessible for anyone.

Hnry needed to re-define and clarify their values to grow brand awareness with their broad and varied audiences. To do so, they needed to reiterate the original spark that brought Hnry to life, communicate their own experiences and the expertise they’re now bringing to others.

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Hnry was founded by three self-employed people who believed there just had to be ‘a better way’ to meet all of the tax requirements.

They believe that the world of work is changing to reflect how people want to live, and so; everyone should have the opportunity to work how, and for who, they want – without having to jump through difficult hoops.


Introducing simplicity, empowerment and assistance, Hnry addresses the audience on a personal level, becoming the friend you’d turn to for essential information about working for yourself ‘to take the stress and hassle out of being self-employed’.

With a colour palette inspired by nature and the things people would generally prefer to spend time on instead of figuring out financial obligations, Hnry’s brand – in both its visual and vocal tone – was developed to combine encouragement, helpfulness and approachability.

We had to consider more than just the consumer wanting the freedom to work the way they want and look to provide a knowledgeable and reliable platform to cover the obligations that are often overlooked or ‘put off until later’, whilst still maintaining the personable and down-to-earth tone the founders bring.

Working with Kelcey was a really rewarding experience.
This piece of work required a strong mix of patience, understanding and pragmatism – which Kelcey has in spades. The entire process was highly methodical and structured, and the end result was an extremely visually appealing site, far better than what had come previously.
The end result was justification for why it’s always best to hire a professional rather than continue to tinker away yourself!
james fuller

James Fuller, Co founder