Mahuki – Part 4. A visit from Kevin Park, Innovation Manager at Vodafone Xone Christchurch. And starting preparations for Showcase… #MahukiNZ

Month 4

Preparing for Showcase

As I had thought, the final month of Mahuki was pretty packed.

The programme delivered to the teams has been pulled back a bit to allow them time to concentrate on the upcoming Showcase event, but we still had a couple of standout events including:
– a visit from the Mahuki legal partners, Morrison Kent
– Kevin Park, of Vodafone Xone (ChCh based programme)
– and Te Papa hosting the National Digital Forum, featuring a Mahuki booth and appearances from the participating teams

Kevin Park – Vodafone Xone, and Bringing Kiwi ideas to the World

We were lucky to hear from Kevin Park, the Innovation Manager at Vodafone Xone in Christchurch.

Kevin spoke to the Mahuki teams about his vision for innovation and Kiwi companies – and shared some tips for success. A lot of Kevin’s discussion was focused around the benefits of Innovation Culture – with special interest in innovation programmes within the corporate sector. He suggested that by growing the innovation culture within New Zealand there would be overall benefits in:
• attracting talent
• revenue growth
• overall market value
• the general (innovation) brand strength
• the growth of research and development cycles
• and levels of productivity





For me personally though, it’s been pretty hectic as I’ve been working alongside Laura to put together content for the final Showcase. We started with moodboards of potential themes for the evening, worked up several concepts for the event invitations, and then concentrated on making sure we had the most up-to-date information about all of the teams.



Initial moodboard concepts for the Mahuki Showcase

As I said, thankfully I haven’t been working on this task along, with Laura doing amazing work to pull ‘commander’s intent’, descriptions and contact info about the teams together, and be a second pair of design-eyes to run the layouts past…
So as we were sending out our tranches of invitations, we both got stuck in to coordinating the content and producing the Showcase programme booklet.

  • kelceybraine-mahuki-showcaseprep02

  • kelceybraine-mahuki-showcaseprep00

  • kelceybraine-mahuki-showcaseprep01

Initial sketches for the Mahuki Showcase programme booklet

The final two weeks before showcase were plenty intense, with our final print deadline coming and going in the blink of an eye… and with the programme booklet out of the way, this then gave us the time to sit in on the teams’ practice presentation sessions – and give our feedback.

Obviously it’s quite difficult to give design feedback on a presentation that is being added to and rewritten every few hours (or so it seemed)… Thankfully Tim, Ryan and Priscilla had done a huge amount of work while running practice sessions for a week or so previously, so we had a basis to work from, and we’ve had four months to get to know the teams well enough to be able to provide ideas nonetheless.

And so, with the Showcase day fast approaching, and the ‘final’ (no seriously, FINAL this time) presentations being sent in… what better for me to do than disappear for a few days to Auckland to see Coldplay*!
*In all seriousness, I made up for the prep time working the weekends around Showcase to prepare for these days off…