It’s time to build and iterate for the Mahuki teams, and for me to run some branding sessions… #MahukiNZ

Month 2

Build and Iterate

Since a lot of the teams have come in with an existing business, or product concept, the second month of the programme is really to encourage them to test their existing product or concept with the live museum audience through Te Papa.

Using a lot of the techniques from Ruth’s UX session last month, the teams were let loose (with advance notice to the hosts at Te Papa of course…) to conduct interviews, questionnaires, and, for some, product demonstrations.

The month included several standout sessions for the teams, including:

– Mahuki legal partners Morrison Kent,
– Angie Judge from Dexibit, one of the Lightning Lab Digital (Auckland 2016) Alumni
SuchCrowd, who lead a session on sprint validation
– Seb Chan, one of the GLAM sector rockstars behind the Cooper-Hewitt Pen. Now working as Chief Experience Officer at ACMI in Melbourne, Seb was on hand for a few days to talk to the teams and Te Papa about innovation, museums, and implementing changing technologies.
– Ezel Kokzu, founder of STQRY

SuchCrowd – Validation techniques

To help the teams with validation (and iteration) we were joined by Abbe and Jake of SuchCrowd (alumni of the LL Christchurch programme) who shared the high-intensity validation techniques they used for #SuchSprints.

• Each team member comes up with 10+ hypotheses* every day
• Along with coming up with them, each day, each team member tries to prove or disprove up to 10 of the hypotheses too
*hypotheses don’t have to be big, or limited to their own area of expertise

This method is used to quickly provide insights, or test a theory, without committing too much time, money or expertise to it without guaranteed results.


Photo from @Mahuki_TePapa – Abbe Hyde and Jacob Manning of SuchCrowd at Mahuki

Angie Judge from Dexibit

Angie talked briefly about her company Dexibit, which provides “Data driven insights for cultural institutions”, and then went on to speak about her experience working through the Lightning Lab Digital Auckland programme earlier this year.

Some of the key insights I garnered from her were on how they narrowed down on their problem area, and then began to develop the relevant solution.

Angie pointed out that a huge part of developing a successful product is listening…
So onto our lesson in Listening 101, and working out if someone has a problem or not.

  • kelceybraine-dexibit-observe

  • kelceybraine-dexibit-listen

  • kelceybraine-dexibit-interview

  • kelceybraine-dexibit-volunteer

Some of the other information that came out of Angie’s session was to do with the culture and heritage sector itself – and really made an impression on how huge of an opportunity these companies are working towards.

  • kelceybraine-glam-sector

  • kelceybraine-glam-visitors

  • kelceybraine-glam-libraries

  • kelceybraine-glam-museums

  • kelceybraine-glam-economy

Branding sessions

Alongside the speaker sessions, Laura and I have been working with a couple of the teams on their branding, starting by facilitating some brainstorming sessions.

As I said in my previous post, I’ve been working in a similar capacity to my role at the R9 Accelerator, working on design content for both the programme and teams, and these were my first real projects working with some of the teams.

Breadcrumb Data (FKA Time)…

Breadcrumb Data are working to enhance the visitor experience in cultural institutions like museums. Their previous name ‘Time’ was related to a different aspect of their initial concept, which was no longer at the forefront of the proposition, so it made sense for them to go through a rebrand.

Thanks to Tim, we had been given a headstart, with his clever new name for them ‘Breadcrumb’ referencing the Hansel and Gretel story of crumbs creating a trail, but also focusing on their product concept, which will follow those trails to provide 10cm accurate insights of visitor journeys throughout an institution.

Together with their designer Anne, and two of the team’s interns Zak and Marcus, Laura and I worked through the initial ideation phase and development of Breadcrumb’s branding, and helped them create their final identity – polished and professional but with personality, and room to grow and be developed further to suit the team and their business fully in future.

  • kelceybraine-mahuki-breadcrumb-01

  • kelceybraine-mahuki-breadcrumb-03

Images – Final identity design for Breadcrumb Data, and the initial brainstorming session.