One of the best parts of my role working at Creative HQ has been the opportunity to be around and work with inspiring people. And so when some of those people ask for help – and even sometimes when they don’t – I enjoy jumping into the fold where I can…

Indigo & Iris is a beauty brand with a social mindset.

Their vision is to create a world where everyone is equal, where everyone has access to quality education and healthcare, using business to ‘evolve the world for the better’.

That’s not just what’s written on their website and in their press releases though. Founder Bonnie and CEO Hannah absolutely live by those beliefs. And when Indigo & Iris were looking to launch their first product – Levitatevia Kickstarter, they set up a video and photo shoot with the epically talented Dinosaurtoast, aka Ash Church (colleague and friend from CHQ)… and I tagged along as photographer’s assistant to help out a cause I believe in and three awesome women who have inspired me.

While anyone who knows me knows that makeup ‘isn’t really my thing’ – the intent behind Indigo & Iris’ products is something I can get behind 100%.

With 50% of the profits from Levitate donated to help end avoidable blindness in the pacific, via the Fred Hollows Foundation NZ, Indigo & Iris are striving to make their name in the ethical beauty market… and as Bonnie and Hannah say:

Creating a beauty revolution is no longer just about ingredient sourcing, or product testing

The Levitate Kickstarter campaign was a success – raising $12,000 in (just over) the first 24 hours, and a total of just under $128,000 to get production underway.

And I’m happy to say that Indigo & Iris’ Levitate forms a stable part of my 3-piece makeup kit 😂😂😂

Check out some behind the scenes shots – and the final campaign below.

All rights to Indigo & Iris, and if you’re interested in what they’re doing, or in the market for a new mascara that’ll really make a difference:

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Indigo & Iris
Indigo & Iris
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